You want to use one of our templates as your free partner site. Currently this is not possible as there is a lot of data connected to your partner site about you, the partner. There are many other initiatives with Adobe engineering that are taking priority to make partner sites a different BC site. 


Adobe will now offer our members a one year credit to make one of our template sites their partner site. This means that you can download a template like the Vertical Marketing site, customize it to your needs, contact the Adobe partner team, and they will provide that site 12 months of free hosting. This will solve the immediate problem and buy some time for the engineering team to tackle this properly.


12 months free hosting

Must be used for marketing your BC partnership, cannot be used for any client projects. If you use it for a client project and are caught, we will most likely loose this ability across the board. Don't do it, just use this for your partner marketing efforts.

This site will not be tied to your Consolidated Billing or Online Business Builder. These functions must remain with your actual partner site. 

Next steps:

Email: and inform them about which site you need to have take advantage of this solution. If you have any issues with this, please feel free to drop a line here or to our support team ( and I will see what I can do to clear the block. 

I wish I could have gotten this done sooner for everyone that has already had to painstakingly rebuild one of our templates to be used as their free marketing site. 

### March 21, 2013 Update ###

Prior to submitting an email to the Adobe partner team, please read the following:

  1. Customer (you) are aware that Consolidated Billing (CB) AND the Online Business Builder (OBB) will not be available on this site
  2. Customer (you) need to setup your site with the template you want
  3. Customer (you) need to put the site live with credit card details (pay for the first month)
  4. Customer (you) needs to contact the BC partner team (
  5. Customer (you) need to include your parnter ID, partner email, and site ID in your email to the partner team

Do not contact the BC partner team until you have completed steps #1 through #3. This is purely a stop gap solution for 12 months so you can market a free partner sales site until Adobe figures out how to reassign partner sites.